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Taylor Broadband is available in many rural areas of Hawkes Bay and coverage is expanding.
If you live in a community that wants broadband, we can help.

We work with local IT providers to create solutions
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Common Questions

How is the broadband service delivered?
We use our own radio network with hilltop transmitters scattered around Hawkes Bay. A radio on your roof will receive a signal from a hilltop transmitter, which is connected to our network.

Can I have wireless around my house?
Yes, we can supply a wireless router so you can roam around your house with a laptop, cellphone or tablet and access the internet.

Can I get cellphone coverage?
The Taylor Communications broadband network has nothing to do with cellphone coverage. Vodafone are building a number of new towers around hawkes bay and now have the best coverage - you may wish to go and see someone at the vodafone shop in Napier or Hastings.

How big is the rooftop radio dish?
It depends how far away you are from a transmitter. If you are within 2kms the receiver is about the size of a soft drink can. If you are 20kms away, the dish is slightly smaller than a sky television dish.
We also have one type dish which we use for special installations that is about the same size as a sky dish.

What do you mean by Line of Sight?
Our rooftop radio dish needs a 100% clear line of sight with no trees, hills or buildings blocking the signal path between the hilltop transmitter and the rooftop radio. If the signal travels over hills, they must be well below the signal path - we cannot skim over a hilltop to a transmitter behind it.

What is a Creative Install?
If you do not have clear line of sight to a transmitter, we can bounce a signal off a pump shed or other mains powered location and will quote the install costs for this.

How far away from a transmitter can I be?
We have successful connections up to 20kms from a transmitter site.

I have a satellite dish that we will be removing when we switch, can we use the same dish and cable?
Sorry no we cannot use them. Our rooftop radios are specially designed for our network, and the cable we use to bring the signal down into your house is CAT5 cable - not the coaxial cable typically used for satellite internet.

Can I paint the rooftop dish?
If it is an upright radio without a dish, no you cannot paint it.
If it is a grid dish, yes you can paint the grid and mounting bracket.
If it is a solid dish, yes you can paint the dish and mounting bracket.
You cannot paint the feedhorn - thats the bit that sticks out in the middle.

How fast is the service?
Its really hard to predict what speed you will get until its installed. We wont allow you to connect unless you can get 2mbps down and 128kbps up, though it is common in many coverage areas for subscribers to receive speeds faster than urban ADSL. For example, in Poraiti and Waipatiki it is common to receive speeds in excess of 10mbps down and 5mbps up.
However it is important to remember, we cannot guarantee speeds until its installed and tested. We deliver the data to you as fast as the radio network allows.

Can I use Skype or Voip or a VPN?
Although many subscribers report good success using skype, we make no guarantee that skype, voip or corporate VPN's will work over the network.

Can I get a public IP address?
Yes you can for the purpose of gaming and peer to peer applications. We dont allow servers to be run on the network such as security cameras, email servers or anything that requires a port forward. Many games or applications can open ports using UPnP which is enabled in your rooftop radio or router.

Can I use my own internal IP addressing?
This is a techy question which doesnt apply to most people.

Our rooftop radios will issue ip addresses in the DHCP range of to
You should set static ip addresses to

If you would like to use your own ip address scheme within your home, you simply need to purchase an ethernet router, and we will set its WAN port as the DMZ in your rooftop radio to eliminate double natting. You can run your own ip address scheme behind the router.

Can I move the dish after it has been installed?
Not at all. We can move it for you and if you move it yourself, or have a builder / roofing contractor move it, there will be penalty fees involved. A mis-aligned radio on one subscriber's roof can affect internet service for many other subscribers in the area so if you plan on rennovating or replacing your roof, please call us first.

Is there a minimum contract length?
Yes - its only 12 months. The early termination fee is $149.

Who owns the rooftop radio dish and other equipment?
Rooftop radio - We retain ownership and will collect this if you end your service. We retain the right to enter your property at a mutually agreed time to collect it.
Rooftop mast and cabling - This becomes your property once the installation has been paid for.
Router supplied by us - We will also collect the router if we supplied it at no charge.

Accounting Timetable
You will receive an invoice for internet service at the start of the month.
This invoice will cover the base internet connection for the month that the invoice was issued in.
It will also have any extra data blocks that you used during the previous month.

The invoice is due to be paid by internet banking deposit, credit card or cheque by the 20th of the month that the invoice was issued in. If not paid by the 25th, service may be temporarily suspended after a late fee has been added.

Email Settings


Other Email Clients: users:
username = full email address
password = supplied by us at setup
Port = 110
SSL = off, plain text authentication
authentication = enabled, use same as incoming
port = 2525
SSL = off, plain text authentication

@paradise @clear @farmside @yourdomain or @anotherisp settings
Please check with your email provider for their pop3 and smtp settings.
All reputable email providers will provide an smtp server so you can send emails on a port other than 25.
If your email provider does not provide smtp on a port other than 25, you should complain to them, and temporarily use port 2525 with authentication switched off

I can receive email but I cannot send?
This typically happens when you have the wrong smtp settings in your email client - your email provider should give you the smtp settings that dont run on port 25.

Can I have port 25 unblocked?
We do not allow port 25 to be unblocked to prevent spam and junk mail originating from our network. You may use the as a smarthost or relay server.

Can I have a static ip address?
Yes if you have a public ip address, it will be a static one. It may change once every 6 months, so you may wish to use a remote control or vpn service with a relay server or a domain name redirect to a dynamic dns or no-ip host.